Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Party Crashers - DVD podBLAST

DVD podBLAST is breaking format, but it's for a good reason. Yes, this movie was never released in theaters - it may have played at a festival, but no doubt that festival was shut down the next day and all venues burned to the ground.

No, this DVD-only release gets BLASTed because of course, it sucks -- and it does -- but the real reason is because three BLASTers are in it!

While Mangler and PB4 get most of the glory towards the end of the party scene, Walsho does bust out some serious fear-scrambling in the background of a key climactic scene.

Guest BLASTer Michael "Daddy" Taylor wraps it all up nicely when, realizing who he's been watching for an hour and a half, calls one of the stars of the movie.


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